Our main goal is to become an internal support for athletes with disabilities. This was exactly what all of our efforts were aimed at when creating the PSF. We hope that with our support, sports for people with disabilities will develop rapidly and reach a whole new level.

We believe that main task of PSF is to develop a long-term social and investment program to help the athletes with disabilities on all levels and to draw attention to such an important topic as supporting and caring for people with disabilities.

Our charitable foundation is built on the principles of: Honesty. Effectiveness. Opportunities.

Helping athletes with disabilities to be strong among strong´╗┐

Since it is impossible to promote the development of the sports among people with disabilities by using only positive rhetoric and beautiful phrases, it is necessary to outline the specific areas of work that should guarantee the implementation of the general mission of the fund being created.

In this regard, it should be noted that the People’s Sport Foundation being created will use modern science and methodological research, collected by the largest specialists in the field of sports medicine, traumatology, pedagogy and sports psychology.

At the same time, much attention will be paid to the selection of the most promising methodological directions that are the most applicable in the field of working with people with disabilities.

The supportive information base of the most important areas of the sports movement for the disabled will help our specialists to plan a number of specific events in order to strengthen the sports.

Among them will be the provision of athletes with specialized sports equipment, sports uniforms, as well as modern scientific and methodological developments in a number of sports disciplines, which are extremely necessary for systematic year-round work.

We cannot forget that one of the most important factors influencing the success of working with athletes is their participation in competitions of various ranks.

Competitive activity, as one of the major means, has been widely used for a number of years in a number of countries, as a powerful mechanism for attracting people with disabilities to physical culture and sports.

PSF has a clear intention to participate in a wide range of creating and advertising of all kinds of sport competitions and special concourses, different kinds of sport shows where special skills of disabled people will be shown.

We are planning to create our own competition under the motto: “You can do it with us …!”, on the basis of one of our best partners. We are also planning on making it an annual event in which regarding athletes with disabilities from many countries from around the world will be included.

We are confident that while helping people with disabilities, we are also providing them with a wide working platform that will help them to truly feel their importance in a modern society. It will also help them to believe in themselves and realize how significant their contribution to high Sports Ideas is.

The PSF’s work will be published with our own materials in the form of books, illustrated booklets, information and news bulletins through reputable publishing houses and leading world-famous. We sincerely hope that this direction will give us the opportunity to show the range of the fund’s impact at the most modern level.