Partnership Between People’s Sport Foundation and PluSport

The People’s Sport Foundation (PSF) and PluSport have extended their collaboration. PSF has been supporting PluSport’s football projects for children and youth since 2023.

Sharing PluSport’s vision, PSF is a non-profit organisation that has dedicated itself for the benefit of the sport for people with disabilities:

‘People with disabilities are an equal and self-determined part of our society. PluSport’s sport, movement, and services offering supports equality and makes important contribution to an inclusive society.’

PSF and PluSport are actively promoting football offerings in support of children and youth with disabilities. The aim is to establish football in the Swiss sporting landscape as an activity for everyone. Football is the perfect sport for putting integration and inclusion into practice. It’s very important for young athletes to be able to practise their favourite sport regularly. Currently, some 100 children and youth are training throughout Switzerland in various disability football programmes of PluSport. Moreover, PluSport offers handicapped children and youth a football tournament platform and two football holiday sports camps.

PluSport can continue this important project thanks to foundation sponsors like People’s Sport Foundation. PluSport is delighted to be able to deepen the collaboration and would like to express sincere gratitude for the vital and sustainable support.