PSF Celebrates Success of IWBF Repechage in Qualifying Teams for Paris 2024 Paralympic Games

The IWBF Repechage for both men and women, the final qualification event for the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games, showcased thrilling displays of athleticism and skill over the past two weeks. Teams from around the world competed fiercely for coveted spots in the upcoming championships, demonstrating the inclusive and competitive spirit of wheelchair basketball.

In the men’s competition, each match was hotly contested, highlighting the depth of talent in the sport. Ultimately, France, the Netherlands, Germany, and Canada emerged victorious, securing their places for the Paralympic Games. The men’s tournament took place in the Azur Arena Antibes.

Similarly, the women’s Repechage featured high-level competition, with teams displaying determination and resilience that inspired fans worldwide. Japan, Germany, Canada, and Spain secured their places for the Paralympic Games, with the women’s tournament held in the Asue Arena Osaka.

As a partner of the IWBF, PSF played a crucial role in supporting these events, contributing to the growth and development of wheelchair basketball globally. Together, we celebrate the success of the Repechage and eagerly anticipate the upcoming Paris 2024 Paralympic Games.

On the video – greetings and thanks from Osaka from IWBF Competition Chairperson Charlie Bethel to PSF