People’s Sport Foundation (PSF) – empowering those with disabilities

Sport is one of the most important areas of rehabilitation for people with disabilities. Going in for sports, the opportunity to attend sports clubs is means of active integration and socialisation. Fortunately, there are various foundations that help people with disabilities. The People’s Sport Foundation (PSF) hopes that with our support, sports for people with disabilities will rapidly develop and reach a new level of quality.

Disability is not a sentence. There are many examples in history when people, thanks to willpower, desire and perseverance, reached unprecedented heights. Ludwig Guttmann, a German neurosurgeon and founder of the Paralympic movement, proved that sport for people with physical disabilities creates the conditions for a successful life, to return to a full life in fact, regardless of physical disabilities. He held his first wheelchair archery competition in the small town of Stoke Mandeville in the UK in 1948. Later, people with other debilitating conditions began to take part in his competitions and, of course, new sports were added.

People with disabilities overcoming their handicaps through sport cannot but rejoice, a delight to themselves and others. However, not all people with disabilities and not everywhere have the opportunity to go in for sports: often there is no available inventory, equipment, and there is no well-developed program. One of the main problems in the development of people with disabilities is how to achieve high results when there is simply nowhere to realize your potential. It is necessary to solve this problem resolutely, because right now opportunities are being missed and people’s destinies are being ruined. For some, sport is the only way to find yourself.

Disabled kids need to be educated in sports from an early age. Many parents do not even know about the existence of various circles and groups for the development of their offspring’s physical abilities and more. After all, with the right facilities and determination, their child can become the newest Paralympic champion.

Sports for people with disabilities is even more than just an opportunity to strengthen your body. This is the perfect chance to show everyone, but first of all to yourself, what you are capable of. Whatever the problems in life, even in the most difficult situation, you can achieve a lot and emerge victorious.

That is why our Foundation aims to develop a long-term social and investment program to help athletes with disabilities at all levels and draw attention to the important topic of support and care for people with disabilities.